Friday, September 26, 2014

Everything You Need to Know About Logic's New Album

Logic has been on the rise, and is about to blow. The Maryland-native has released four mixtapes since 2010, through the independent label Visionary Music Group. Last year, he was named a XXL Freshman, and signed to Def Jam Records in April. The rapper is one of the most gifted rappers of our time, and in my opinion, is lyrically on par with, or better than Kendrick Lamar. And he is about to make is official debut. For months, Logic has been teasing his fans with singles, tours, and stating that he had finished his album, but was sitting on it for awhile. He let the hype build for a while, and has now released a lot of information on the album. Set for release on October 21, Logic's new album is titled Under Pressure.  The album supposedly has no features, and the production is handled mostly by Logic himself, and Visionary Music Group's in-house producer 6ix, along with Dj Dahi, Tae Beast, and Cocaine 80's. About a week ago,  Logic sat down with  Complex to talk more in depth about Under Pressure. The album is much darker than his previous mixtapes, and he personally helped engineer the album. Logic raps from a variety of perspectives, and apparently Andre 3000 himself cleared an OutKast sample used on the album. Yesterday, Logic revealed the standard tracklisting:

  1. Intro
  2. Soul Food
  3. I'm Gone
  4. Gang Related
  5. Buried Alive
  6. Bounce
  7. Growing Pains III
  8. Never Enough
  9. Metropolis
  10. Nikki
  11. Under Pressure
  12. Til the End
Preorder Under Pressure is available on September 30, but until the album drops, enjoy the lead single "Under Pressure" now (the full song on the album is apparently six minutes longer).

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