Thursday, November 27, 2014

Listen to the Social Experiment's Newest Single "Sunday Candy"

A month ago, Chance the Rapper announced that he and his band the Social Experiment would be releasing a free album by years end. Besides small amounts of information about the album, and fans waiting patiently for news, there was very little information given from Chance. But two days ago, the Social Experiment released the very first single from their first album Surf: "Sunday Candy".

Surf is primarily a Donnie Trumpet album. Trumpet, who's real name is Nico Segal, was a former bandmate of Vic Mensa in Kids These Days, but currently is plays the trumpet in the Social Experiment. While Surf will still feature Chance and the rest of the Social Experiment, Trumpet has the most artistic say in the album. And on the first single "Sunday Candy" you can hear Trumpet's influence. Donnie Trumpet produces the track, which encompasses live instrumentation of trumpets, bass, piano, and drums all wrapped up in a sweet product. The single features Chance rapping over most of it, and the hook and bridge sung by Jamila Woods. The song is upbeat and happy, while superb production. Chance and Woods rap/sing about grandmas, church, and love. It's a lovely song that could go against Pharrell's "Happy" and win for the Most Uplifting Song Award.

At first, I was wary of Chance's move to rely so heavily on the Social Experiment. I wasn't the hugest fan of songs like "I Am Very, Very Lonely" and "Home Studio", but recent songs like "Wonderful Everyday" and "Sunday Candy" are absolutely stunning. Few groups can create upbeat tracks without seeming corny, and the Social Experiment is doing just that, which I can stand behind. Look out for the release of Surf, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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