Friday, November 14, 2014

Theophilus London Brings Good "Vibes" On His Latest LP

On November 5th, Theophilus London debuted his second commercial album: Vibes. London is a 27 year old singer/rapper/producer from New York. He has a style similar to Pharrell, but is certainly a unique artist. Vibes has many different sounds, but a similar theme: to make the listener feel good vibes. Synthesizer-heavy production and altered vocals combine to create songs that make you want to dance, party, or just chill. London sings over slow, simple instrumentals on songs like "Water Me", "Smoke", and "Neu Law", and he also raps and sings over bombastic, hype beats on "Tribe" and "Can't Stop". Many of the instrumentals sound like new-age 80's pop, and it works well with London's lyrics of women and his distinctive style. Vibes has features from Leon Ware, Devonte Hynes, and Kanye West, among others. West actually executive produced the album, and his influence is noticeable, West's ability to weave together lyrics and production to one, cohesive, flowing project is showcased in Vibes. London's new album is extremely listenable, and can be enjoyed by anyone at anytime. Cop the new album on iTunes here.  

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