Thursday, November 6, 2014

Vine Stars Make Horrible Music

The popular social media platform Vine has created many "stars" who post funny or interesting videos regularly. While many of these Vine "stars" have millions of followers, many can't capitalize on their six seconds of fame. Some attempt to try their hand at making music. But for most of them, they fail miserably. 

One such "star" is Brent Rivera. This kid makes vines that feature his extremely high voice, and cliche scenarios. He's pretty awful. And he just released a pretty awful song. "Doubt Your Doubts" is his newest single, and the song is just as bad as the title. Rivera sings cringe-worthy lyrics over a basic guitar and whistling production. Rivera begins the song by saying "We all fall down, but we get back up again, get back up again". He then tries to almost rap for about twenty seconds. "Doubt Your Doubts" is too cheesy to even be an early 2000's Disney song. I would link the song, but it's just too bad.

Another person famous from Vine Bryan Silva. The tattoo-clad, ex-gay porn star became famous for posting shirtless Vines of himself gloating about money, guns, and violence. These Vines sounded like a knock-off Chief Keef, and Silva eventually did get into the rap game. He has released a few songs on Vine and Youtube, and even an album entitled All I Know. Silva is the worst rapper I have ever heard in my life. His songs, which are usually only about a minute long, and feature him stumbling over productions that sounds like it was made in a basement in less than ten minutes. Silva has absolutely no flow at all, a lazy delivery, no rhyme-scheme to speak of, and lyrics only about drugs and violence. He sounds like (and probably is) he's high off of lean on all of his songs, and often sounds like he's just talking over a beat. I struggle to classify Silva as a rapper.

Lastly, The duo Jack and Jack have ventured from Vine into creating music. They create pop-rappy music, with an EDM influence. They actually aren't too bad. They have professional production, and some well-created music videos. But, their themes and lyrics are all pretty basic and have no substance or originality at all. Their latest single, "Wild Life" actually made it to the Billboard Top 100, peaking at 87. This is probably due to the tacky EDM-esque production, and general popularity of the duo, but none of the songs they have put out have commendable lyricism or flow. Basically, Vine "stars" should stick to six second videos.  

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